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With such a wonderful device, as a communicator, I want to be sure that the clock in it always shows the correct time. Unfortunately, not all modern devices can boast of having once set the exact time will not differ in a few weeks for a minute, as if to wait for another, even more.

There is a way - to synchronize clock with an Internet time server.

The Atomic Clock Mobile programme was designed to do it.

You can establish the exact time on your device in any place, without going into details of settings, assuming your device at this point has access to the Internet. You can configure the program so that synchronization occurs at a designated time each day.

The synchronization process uses a very small amount of traffic, so it can even be used over GPRS connection.

Before synchronization, the program will try to connect to the Internet. Therefore, to use the program there should be set at least one working connection to the Internet (Wi-Fi, EDGE / GPRS, 3G).


Download mobile installer (CAB)

Download PC based installer (exe)


Order Atomic Clock Mobile single user license ($7.99) at ShareIt


Order Atomic Clock Mobile single user license ($7.99) at Handango